An intelligent, next-generation people counter that helps retailers understand their customers and increase revenue.

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Our technology

The product is a small unit that houses a camera and a processor. It is installed low in a doorway or corridor to gather images of people’s footwear as they walk past. From these images and using multiple layers of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it automatically counts people (at over 95% accuracy) and, what’s more, intelligently categorises people’s demographics based on the shoes they choose to wear.

The technology has been two years in the making, and is internationally patent pending.

The data we provide

Counting accuracy

We count at over 95% accuracy. We verify our accuracy as part of the service so that you can rely on the data we provide.

The data is all in real-time.

Demographics data

We provide gender identification, group size splits and real-time occupancy.

All this whilst protecting customer privacy.

Sample use cases
Retailers and supermarkets

What is the difference in gender mix between stores?
Did marketing drive bring in enough women?
Within store Y, what proportion of females walked down the wine isle?
Can we optimise staffing and opening hours?


What is the real-time occupancy?
How does dwell time / satisfaction vary between spaces?

Shopping centres

Exactly how many people come in?
What proportion of visitors go to shop X?
What proportion of male visitors on a Thursday night went to our cinema?

Temporary installs

How do visitors move around my conference/exhibition venue?
Which stands/rooms get the biggest footfall and how should that affect pricing?
Our venue device is on a portable stand and can give real-time data.

Many more

We're solving a number of new issues all the time – if you have a challenge, we'd love to hear from you.

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Co-founder and CEO

Is a data scientist with a background in finance. His passion for new ideas and innovation led him to set up Hoxton Analytics whilst studying Big Data Analytics at UCL in 2014. Prior to that, he worked in finance and earned his CFA charterholder status whilst valuing equities at PwC. When he’s not working on new technologies, he’s probably playing guitar.


Co-founder and CTO

Is a data scientist (see the trend) with a background in strategy consulting. After roles in digital strategy and consulting at Coca-Cola and Mars and Co, Will studied an MSc in Big Data Analytics at UCL and worked as a freelance data scientist before joining Hoxton Analytics. He loves accordions and everything to do with cricket!

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